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Battery Saver value...?

So I’m new to Facer Creator and I’m having some trouble with the values. I want a picture to appear when battery saver (low power mode) is turned on. I put in the code, but for some reason it does not show up! Here is my code:
(under opacity)
It would be appreciated if some one could help. Thanks!
(also one more thing: the battery does not constantly update, any way how to fix this?)

Looking at that code #ZLP# i have never tried to use it myself until now but there seems to be no way to test this out other than on the watch itself as the timelines do not enter powersaver mode. Also the battery gauges should update about every 2mins i think but there is no way to accelerate them unless someone else has any ideas ok.

I did test it on the actual watch, it does not show… I realized when I shut the screen off and turn it back on the picture will show for about one sec, maybe it’s the wrong code…?

maybe what exactly are you trying to do i normally just use the battery values to indicate if they are low

IF the battery saver mode turns on, THEN show the image

This code is ok for that purpose however i would normally just use $#ZLP#=false?0:100$ just a simpler way of doing the same thing

Ok thanks, I’ll give it a try

Yeah so it still doesn’t seem to work… like I said b4 it only shows for a second if I restart the screen

Sorry mate i have tested it out several times but i think the command is faulty as you say it starts ok but the returns to false i will send mail to Facer to get it sorted.

Ok, thanks for trying :slight_smile:

I tried this on my TicWatch Pro 3 and it works… after the watch face has been dim for 40secs. I guess the “DIM” mode and “Low Power Mode” are 2 separate things. Try again, and then observe for 40-60 seconds after display goes to dim mode.