Battery usage on Gear S3

Hi there,

I’m having real issues with battery usage with Facer faces compared to stock Samsung faces.

For instance I can get three full days from stock and AOD switched off vs 26 hours using facer faces.

These are comparable faces in colour and functionality (I’ll post face names shortly).

Can anyone shed any light on this? I’m particularly concerned by 30% battery use throughout the night whilst the watch is in DND.


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Carerra calibre 17
SW GMT Master elite

These are the faces used from facer vs tachometer from Samsung

I have the same issue … cant’ really use the facer faces until battery usage is addressed on the S3

The same here. It seems Facer is draining battery badly!

Thanks for your input guys. Can you let me know what watch faces you’re using please?

14% per hour is terribly!

I was so excited when I found good watch creator (Mr. Time Maker is too poor, Tizen Studio and Tizen emulator is pain). Battery issue with Gear S3 is a huge problem.

Yep and support haven’t responded to my email since asking for face details. Really poor service

Hi all,

We’re aware of the battery issues on the Gear S3 and are working as fast as we can to resolve them. We understand how frustrating this can be and we definitely appreciate your patience. We’re a very small team and are doing our best!

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I’m also having the same issues on the Gear S2, battery life has dropped around 20% of what it was, installed the app and linked a static Zelda watch face, nothing crazy or animated, definitely an issue with the app all around it looks like. I charge mine every night anyways and it isnt bad enough that it makes a difference there but its definitely way more than it was

Thanks for the acknowledgement

Count me as one affected with this problem. Been using Facer for a long time with my LG G Watch R and held off getting the Gear S3 until it was supported. Looks the battery very fast even when not using a Facer watchface. Had to uninstall from watch to fix it.

I also had to uninstall Facer. It was draining the battery on my Gear S2 so fast it was dieing each day before I was close to going to bed. Without Facer I am lasting plenty of time. It would probably work great if we could just download a watch face to the watch. I have done this for plenty of faces off the Samsung App store and they do not affect the battery life at all. Today is the first day without FACER and after 10 hours I still have 71% battery life left. I was worried that the 3G version was not going to survive a day ever, but now I know it was just this app. I will hope to hear some good news in the near future so I can resume using FACER!

I face the same issue.
68% of battery consumed by Facer.

What’s the timescale for this being resolved then guys? Get that you’re a small team but you must have a dev pipeline?

Hi guys, I’m here to add my voice to this issue. I bought yesterday on the deal offer a pack of themable faces from Timeless Watch Faces, really gorgeous faces. But the battery drain on my Gear S3 Classic is too high… The watch was on my wrist with 100% battery at 00:00 just before I went to sleep, I always put it in DnD and Airplane mode before sleep all I want is the tracking, the face was never lit during my sleep, woke up at 7:00, received a couple of notifications, not even looked at the time and before 9:00 was already at 79%, I instantly reverted to the extremely batery friendly “pop blue” (may not be the english name) stock face right now at 10:34 as I write and several notifications after still got 76% left. P.S. AoD was always off. Hope you guys can fix it, also I wish I could have the option for an simplified AoD instead of the face stuck with no backlight, as of right now AoD is really really not an option with facer on the Gear S3.

Thanks, ARM.

It looks like this issue is still not fixed…
I switched back to GWD :frowning:

Still same problem. Battery usage on my Gear S3 during night sleep (8 hours, watch was in DnD and Airplane mode) 20%. Gear S3 users are still waiting a solution before we switch another software.

Hi all!

We released Facer 3.0.8 for Gear S2/S3 in the Galaxy App store a few days ago. It should significantly improve battery. If you are still seeing issues, can you:

  • confirm you are on version 3.0.8?
  • let us know roughly how many % of battery Facer uses per hour
  • which Facer watch face you are seeing this issue on


Yes at least! I’ve download version 3.1.0 today and it’s great improvement on the battery usage, from about 14% / h on one of my watch face it come down to about 3.5 - 4 % / h. Good work Facer!

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Significant improvement!

I uninstalled and reinstalled Facer companion from Galaxy App store (version 3.0.8) both on my GearS3 and and on my Samsung phone ( Build information:: running version is 3.1.0_1383-(1383). I tested it over night, with an own designed watch face (one 12 hours hand, one 24 hours hand turning counter clockwise as a ring, minutes hand, second hand and a complication element as shown daily date, and Background images)
Here are the Results:
Before Update: Battery usage on my Gear S3 during night sleep (8 hours, watch was in DnD and Airplane mode) =20%.
After Update: Battery usage on my Gear S3 during night sleep (8 hours, watch was in DnD and Airplane mode) = 4%

Thank you for your support, Good work and on time.

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