Battery warning not working on wear OS

Hi to all
Can someone help me? I’m experimenting a strange issue with my new Ticwatch Pro 2020.
In some faces i have inserted a low battery warning that start to flash when battery reach 30%.
This is the formula i use:

$#BLN#<=30?(1*sin(#DWFSS#, 0, 2, 2)*100):0$


Both formulas have always worked, and works at their best on my Galaxy Watch 46 mm, but on my TicWatch the flashing red dot (or another icon) doesn’t appear. Any idea on why this happens? There is a solution?
Any help will be much appreciated

I forgot. In the Creator simulator the flashing dot works correctly, but not on the watch.
Facer is updated to the last version as in my watch as in my phone

I don’t think sin takes 4 parameters. that looks like interpAccel.
I use: $#BLN#>=30?100:((cos(3*#DWE#*pi)+1)*50)$

Hi @ThaMattie
Thanks for your reply and help, much appreciated. Now i have one more formula (your) to play with. LOL
Of course your formula works perfectly, but…i have to say that mines too do their work, or…mine do their work on Galaxy watch (Tizen) but not on Ticwatch Pro(Wear OS),
May be you have an idea on why this happens?
I tried your formula on F simulator and, of course, it works. Now i have to wait until my Ticwatch reaches 30% or less of his charge to test if it works with this watch too.
Many thanks

Hi @diavo
The documentation for sin is:
sin(number) Sine function (sin(1)) 0.8414709848078965
There should be only 1 number. Apparently creator and Samsung ignore that error, but an error like that would make it return 0, so you get 1*0*100, which is always 0
The way you use sin is the way you would use interpAccel, so maybe it was copied and changed from something else?
interpAccel(current, min, max, accelerationFactor) Creates a ease-in transition with 'current' value (interpAccel(#Ds#, 0, 60, 2)) 0.2669444444444445

Your expression will work if you make it:

As for the 2nd expression, that one should work (it does on my WearOS watch).

Hi @ThaMattie
Thanks again for your explanation, The formulas that i use were given to me by someone some time ago. Honestly i don’t remember who. Anyway i have corrected my formula with (1*sin(#DWFSS#, 0, 2, 2)100) with your formula `$#BLN#<=30?(1sin(#DWFSS#)100):0$. Many thanks.
One more thing. I think i have discovered a difference from my formulas and your first formula $#BLN#>=30?100:((cos(3
On my opinion the difference is that with my formulas i have a hidden icon that becomes visible and flashing when the watch charge reaches the prefixed %
With your formula i have an always visible icon that start flashing when the watch charge reaches the prefixed %
Let me know, please, if my supposition is correct
Thanks spending your time to give to me a precious help

yes, that is correct, you can change 100 into 0 to get what you want:

Hi @ThaMattie

Thanks for your confirmation. Thanks to you now i have one more way to show battery warning.
Of course i have jealousley stored your formula.

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Hi @ThaMattie
When my watch got discharged i could try your formula and mine formulas corrected by you. I want say to you that now all is perfectly working i WearOS too.
Thanks again

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