BCGR resource req

Desperately need a starburst type bcgr, like on B Sharp faces bcgr… I am not a big graphics designer, not using photoshop just an old fashioned ulead program. So if it possible need it in image file… THNX friends!

Hi safesz,
Everyone here is always very helpful. I don’t have the item that you need, however. Have you asked the person who creates the “B Sharp faces” that you refer to?

Those backgrounds were made by him for his own use. I don’t think it would be ethical to ask for his work for my own “benefit”. Even so, my work is free. But if anyone had a template you could share with me, I would be grateful.

Something like this?

Facer community turns png’s into jpg apparently…


What colour?

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monochrome will be fine, i can colored it… THNX guys!

Here is one I made a while back… feel free to use :wink:


this radial type i have, that starburst what i need… anyway saved because its better than mine ;-))))


Thank you to those who have shared. I told you we have some helpful people around here. :grinning:

I wasn’t sure what you meant by a BCGR. If what you are looking for is a simple starburst gradient for a background, you might want to try the free trial of Corel Paintshop Pro. It is very much like Photoshop in that it uses layers and other Photoshop methods and files. It comes with pre-made gradients - colors, metallics - that you can position to any way that you want, or create your own. Even though the trial is for a limited time you can create a background, save as whatever type of file that works for you, and you will have it forever.
(I think the “Ultimate” version is more for photography work so give the regular version a try.)

I’m not a spammer and I do not work for Corel, but I’ve been using various versions of PSP for 20 years.

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THNX for everyone!!!

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BCGR means background in my idiotism :wink: Lucky for me i am using a program which is before Corel product, that was ulead photoimpact. I try a lot of feature on it, but this type of surface cant remake, that is why I asked help… and yeah i know this is a great community, always get help if i asked before! THNX for everything for everyone!


ThaMattie to the rescue…was going to do this and thought; ok, if you can re-colour you can screen-grab…

ooh, might use this :wink: