Beach Buddy, the watch face for the beach

I wanted to create a face to help when I to go to the beach to either walk the dog or go in the water, so Displays Time and date alongside a tide time tracker, (set to your local High or Low tide by pressing the + button). Also displays wind speed and direction with Temp and Sunrise/Sunset times and weather.


Hey Nice one . Good job .

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I am not a huge fan of digital time displayed vertically, but your watch face has something to it. It looks relly good!


Very nicely done, great job :clap:

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I’m with you about not being a fan of the modern style vertical time display. It’s OK, but I prefer the traditional way of doing digital time. I also have to agree that @kimlabut24’s watchface does have a certain appeal to it. I would dare say it will be very popular on Facer!

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