Becoming a premium member

I would like to have more faces to choose from. I would like to become a premium member

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We have steps you can take to become premium here: How to become a Premium Designer and sell your watch face designs on Facer

let me know if you have any more questions.

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not designer, but so I can have 20 faces at once

It’s not “premium member”, but “Facer Plus” and you buy it in the actual mobile app.

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how do i find that??

I am already a premium member already but please give more discounts or offers for premium members
I am not happy with the prices
Thanks and regards

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Hi there
I cannot seem to get the upgrade to Facer Plus to do anything on my phone, does this mean I am already a Premium member or is it because I live in the UK it wont let me pay. How else can I upgrade. My app just wont let me.
Appreciate any help at all

Hi! What happens when you click on the update button?

Nothing happens at all. Apart from it goes to the page where it tells u the price and the benefits

How did you become a premium member, and how do you find Facer plus?
I’m wanting to hold more faces at a time

Hi @shortone78 you just go into the app on your phone, click the menu icon at the top left and then click ‘subscribe to Facer plus’ or ‘facer plus’ :slight_smile:

I do not see a menu button on the top left, but I have settings on top right.
I use an Android watch and an iPhone for my app

Ahh I cannot advise then I’m afraid, I’m not familiar with the iPhone version of the app.

Really ??? begging for discounts ??? Are you from India ??

If you don’t like a price move on but don’t complain, nobody force anybody to buy anything here…

I really want a real Deepseadweller but telling Rolex I would like to pay less will not work… same here…

Your a real nice product of humankind…

Thank you I’ll try to put it on my laptop which is a windows is and that might help

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