Best program to use?

Hi. I’m pretty new and I just started trying to make a watch face with the features I want and none I don’t (like the dim face, I don’t need it and it’s barely used with my watch). I’ve been trying to use the Facer Creator but it’s very difficult and it very slow on my computer (new-ish laptop running Win10) and browser (Firefox) (even with the Creator the only tab and program open with all unnecessary programs ended). I saw in the beginning that this can be run through Photoshop? Unfortunately, I don’t have Photoshop but I do have a few CAD programs that I can more than get by in. Is there a more comprehensive Windows program for Facer or would I be able to sketch out the watch face in a CAD program (AutoCAD 2015, Inventor, SolidEdge, Fusion 360) and then somehow input it into the program as a base of sorts?