[BETA] Facer Android 3.1.14 released!

Hi all,

We’re excited to be releasing Facer Android 3.1.14 in BETA today! To join the beta, please visit this link: Try new Android apps before they’re officially released - Google Play Help

What’s new:

  • NEW! Explore watch faces by categories!
  • NEW! Watch face info view now shows categories, features, and tags, all tappable if you’d like to see more similar faces
  • Added support for Huawei Watch 2
  • Updated camera feature to support tap to focus
  • Fixed issue where tapping on a feature in the watch description showed a list of faces that did not always include this feature
  • Fixed issue where Shuffle was not always available when signed out
  • Fixed issue with some math operations leading to Waldhoff Regent gears to not spin properly
  • Added link to Dribbble in hamburger menu
  • Misc optimizations and fixes

As usual, please let us know if you are finding any issue in this thread and we’ll do our best to resolve them for our next release!

The Facer Crew

Categories in Explore

Category and tags now surfaced in watchface info view

Category search (tap on a category to activate)

Tag search (tap on a tag to activate)

Feature search (tap on a feature to activate)

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My Samsung G3 Frontier will reset the facer watch face whenever i am sending a text message or going through my settings.

I’m using the beta, and I’ve noticed recently that some watchfaces from my designs don’t update the design in the app, but they do get updated on the website. Case in point: My watch-face “Ninja Digital 5000” https://www.facer.io/watchface/r209anlzIv
It’s showing the correct face online, whether on a web browser on phone or tablet or computer, but as soon as I look at it in the app, it shows an old version, earlier version of my watch-face. What do you think?