[BETA] Facer Android 3.1.9 released!

Hi all,

We’re excited to be releasing Facer 3.1.9 to our BETA users today! To join the beta, please visit this link: Try new Android apps before they’re officially released - Google Play Help

What’s new:

  • New! You can now add entire collections to your Watchbox!
  • Improved Daily Mix UI, and disabled auto-spin. Daily Mix notification will now only show up if you activated it the day before
  • Added 2 new default starting faces for new users
  • Removed storage permission requirement on the watch
  • Enabled standalone mode so iPhone users can download the app from the on-watch store
  • Fixed issue where prices might not show up for some items in the app
  • Improved landscape support

As usual, please let us know if you are finding any issue in this thread and we’ll do our best to resolve them before the production rollout.

The Facer Crew

Landscape mode!
Thank you so much for this!
I love how the preview of a selected face looks now!

Now for bugs:
In landscape mode on Lenovo Yoga tablet 2 10.1 LTE in the more menu on the left:

  1. “Sign in” button don’t work (nothing happens when I click it).
  2. Same with “Create an account” button.
    Other ones, like “What’s new?” are fine.
  3. On my watch (sony swr50) all previous faces are gone (and because point 1 I cannot use my premium faces), that includes the standard Facer face. I literally have a white screen with “power by Facer” logo on it (+ notifications if I get any). Yes, I restarted my watch.

Suggestions for the face preview page:

  1. Try putting all buttons (like customize, buy/sync, speedup…) along with name, description and creator name on one side of the screen and then the preview of the face on the other.
  2. Try making “Other faces by Name…” and “Reviews” side by side and not one above another.
    Those 2 would help you use more of landscape potential.

Suggestion for a list of faces (when one opens a group/pack of faces):

  1. Change from 2 in a row to at least 3. Right now I cannot see a full face on my screen because of that.

PS.: I couldn’t before, but now I can see that performance update on my watch. Great work guys!

Landscape mode doesnt work here.

One more bug: If I had Facer app opened in the portrait mode before, then I minimalised it and tried to open it again (while having my tablet in landscape mode) it forces it back to portrait mode and not the landscape mode. In order to get the landscape mode to appear, I have to manually shutdown facer in the running applications menu.
Because of that, I am unable to use my account and my premium faces with it (when I login in portrait mode and I shut down app I am not logged in when I open it up in landscape mode).

@Mellin @steverobson401

  • Landscape mode support is definitely partial in this build and mainly focused on fixing the watch face detail view so it’s not cut off. Dynamic rotate isn’t supported yet and the app will stay in the orientation it was started in today. We’ll fix the fact that some buttons aren’t functional in landscape though!

  • Missing faces on the watch: this should be fixed in the new beta we just rolled out this morning. Can you confirm?

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