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Better calories burned formula, please use

To all designers:

most designers are using Tomaja’s formula for burned calories:


This formula is based on step count, I call it “walked calories”.

Please use this formula, it’s much better, you can compare it to Google Fit results and you’ll see it will match + - 5%.
Google fit has data about user (weight, age that we do not have).

Burned calories formula:

It’s a combination of calories burned by living + Tomaja’s formula for calories walked.

Hate to see all of your beautiful designs with wrong calories burned data.

And many thanks to Tomaja for “walked calories” formula.

Keep up the good work!

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My Dear @masterboyhr . Oh what Fun . It is still based on steps walked as that is the only Data input to the Formula. . The Total Calories can only be an Estimate . I have put it on a few watches seems no one is Interested really . Even google fit can only make an estimate . They possibly use you Biometrics to make the Estimate a bit more accurate.
What you will see is I based the average calories burnt is 2000 . More like 1800 for me as (I am getting on a bit .
I will do the same but would you kindly test my formula as well .
You will see I have tacked Tomaja’s formula at the back . The factor there can vary in Biometrics . I came up with a way of Measuring it as , step size in inches = Strides per Calorie and height in MM as resting calories burnt per day . I hate Mixed Metric but Hey Ho It is all just for fun .


See the formula below yours I tweaked to my Biometrics Is Quite close .


I agree, there is no way to know the exact calories.
All of us are different. But using only Tomaja’s formula is terribly wrong.

Plus we do not have access to workout data. For example, if I run 2000 steps I will burn 3x more calories than if I walk 2000 steps.
We cannot add calories spent by any kind of workout because we don’t have access to Samsung Health or Google Fit.

I hope it will change in the future. Until then - we’ll work with what we have.

Best of luck!

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hey guys, I appreciate this thread and your experimentations. I’ve tried both of these formulas and notice that they track reasonably close to Google FIT, but it seems not consistently throughout the day. I can tweak the variables at any point in the day to make the steps/living time calories burned match perfectly at that specific moment, but it won’t hold that alignment as the day goes on.

For example yesterday afternoon I had around 6500 steps, so I tweaked the variables so that the Facer KCAL for that moment in the day with that many steps matched what FIT said. But by late evening there was a little bit of separation, and this morning at 9:30am with only about 1200 steps FIT says 1200 calories, Facer says 750. I’ll watch to see if by midday they track closer again.

I’m thinking I might set the variables to be accurate in the midrange, say 5000 steps at about 3pm. It would be nice to simply pull the FIT data so it was calibrated the same, but since we can’t do that this may be an ok compromise.

But then my question is should I tweak the steps or the living numbers or both… which is going to result in more consistent alignment with FIT throughout the day. …have to keep experimenting I suppose.


Thanks for joining in on this . Unfortunately I am not a Mathematician . But these things only have a reasonable result at the end of the day . I say they are usefully for comparison to your results the previous day . That formula is going to make the erroneous assumption that you used all your resting Calories. Some days I have spent the whole time doing Facer on the Couch . :grinning: :+1:

Out of about 6k steps My Standby Huawei and my Samsung active are about 600 steps out .
Did you try My Mixed Metric Bio Calibration . Calories per day = Height in MM Steps per Calorie = Pace in Inches . :joy:

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