Better Categories

How about some way better Categories in the on the publishing page.

It would be good if there were suggestions here. My understanding is that the categories are general and it’s the tags you use to describe your watchface that are the most important and the most flexible.


I would like to have sub-categories, at least 1 below a main category.
I could then have a hierarchy of watch faces. Such as:

±- Instruments
±- Helicopter
±- Mirage fighter
±- Blue Angels


I would like to have subfolders like that in collections.


Ah yes, that is what I meant, they are called collections…


I like search as it is.

  1. Not everyone is analytic enough to bother with sub-categories or has the vocabulary to discern what they are looking for. I believe that the general categories are enough to get people started in their search. One example would be the general requests in the Facebook group, such as, “Does anyone have watch faces with flowers?” They are usually sent to search. That way they can see all types and decide for themselves. They might even see something nice they had not thought of and decide to sync that as well.
  2. There is also the option to contact a designer via comments. That narrows it down so the designer can direct a member to something very specific in collections.

INSPECTABLE as a Category . The COMMUNITY tab in Creator is full of the usual suspects and multiple versions of the same Face which is not really showing off the Variety of Ingenuity . A lot of them Do not have anything worth inspecting . I would give a vote but I only got 4 and I have no Idea how to rescue them from the previous Ballots . More to the point it will take the votes of those topics . May be Facer could give us more votes per our Commitment . Is that me getting the Sack ?

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As far as I can see there are two themes going on here- the first is to be able to have sub categories in collections, the second is the search function. It will be difficult to vote and know which theme you are giving your vote to.
Regarding sub-categories: I can’t say much other than I can see that they may be useful- I personally haven’t got to the stage where I feel the need for collections.
Regarding the search engine: I think that the sesrch functionality is good. It searches for text strings in the watch names and in free text in the watch descriptions and not only that it seems to have a ‘sounds like or similar’ function too! You can’t ask much more from a search engine. Like in any database to take full advantage you need to know what you are looking for!