Better Looking Metal

Here is my go at making a minimal metal face with highlights that move as you tilt your wrist. Its my first shot at this so don’t be too cruel. I did several colors including aluminum, gun metal, gold and rose gold if you check my profile.

While I have seen metal faces before, they always seem fake to me because the highlights are always just a thin layer of white which causes the texture underneath to look faded out or painted on. I wanted to avoid that. Not sure how much I wanted these to move, at some point its too much and starts to flicker or to subtle. Let me know what you guys think.


I might have even gone more minimalist. That said, it looks even better in (it’s own) preview page.

I have a similar design concept (dark/shadows, highlights, and movement), but have yet had time to test or complete the design …

Very nice. I like the changing highlight effect.

Thanks, I have a thing for metal and unusual watches so there might be more to come.

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