Better weather provider

Will there ever be an option to pick a weather provider? Current one is inaccurate for my area.


+1, wildly inaccurate in the UK, doesn’t even match up with Open Weather Map which you are supposedly using…

I imagine there’s a licensing cost associated with changing the Weather API provider. There will be hundreds of 1000s of requests (or more) per day for Facer to have to pay for.

Why can’t they just allow the facer face to pull the weather right from the watch? They do it with heart rate, time, date, and steps, why not weather? Seams like the easy solution here.

Probably because each watch brand uses a different weather provider. My Samsungs uses The Weather Channel and my Fossil Carlyle uses Weather(dot)com. Facer would have to be able to call up the correct app in each brand of watch to be remotely able to make it work. We really don’t need to have the Facer app even more complex than it is.

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mrantisocialguy “Probably because each watch brand uses a different weather provider.”

That is exactly why they should pull weather information directly from the watch. Again, they do it with heart rate, time, date, phone and watch battery and steps. They would just have to call up the weather from the watch. Wouldn’t matter what provider your watch is using.

Ah, but there’s the rub. Facer would have to know what each watch uses for a weather provider to be able to call it up. With health stats there are 3 providers Google, Apple and Samsung. Easy choice to find the one to tag. BUT there could be a LOT more weather providers between all the watch brands. And each one will have a different system of calling up the weather information. With Facer only using OpenWeather, they only have one and have the system already set up. I could see trying to figure out every possible weather provider and their own particular system being a true coding nightmare for Facer.

Ok, get the point. I guess the solution would be is for facer to just use a more location accurate weather provider. Bummer because it probably wont happen, even though they know they are using an inferior weather provider.

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I believe the reason for Facer using OpenWeather is cost. All weather providers charge for a large number of API requests on their system. Since OpenWeather gets a large amount of their information for free from local weather watches and the official government sources that don’t charge, they can provide the API access at a very reasonable cost.