Beware: Surprises in Billing

I have been using Facer for a couple of years, but I will not use it again. The company employs a get-rich scheme called Automatic Renewal. I was just billed $90 for my Creator Pro and Premium subscriptions. Here I had thought that these were one-time charges and that I was paid up.
I was in no way warned unless there is a message in the fine print. Furthermore. Facer does not allow any subscription that is not automatically renewed. Most companies do give one a choice. Finally, although I like the product, it is certainly not worth $90 a year. I feel I have been ripped off.

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I did not realise the the Subscription to Facer was Contractual . Like the old Zcorps. I am so very glad to learn this. I have toyed with the Idea of subscribing. But I could certainly not afford that. Shame.

I just walked through the process. There is automatic renewal information on the front of the application. It seems clear to me.
My family has had several internet providers in my lifetime. All of them renewed at a higher rate automatically without any options. I have to mark the date on my calendar and negotiate annually. There is no “get rich scheme” involved. It is just a policy that businesses use. It is considered a convenience for many subscribers.


The billing system is not user friendly. Due to that, i marked date even not to continue for one month. Later forgot the date and system auto renew for next month and billed. It will be better if it depends on user - when they wants to subscribe or renew etc. At least one option should be there to choice by user before auto renewal anything.

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Creator Pro and Premium are two different things, I am not a premium member but I am Creator Pro member.

You can pay month-for-month, that’s what I have, and I can cancel anytime.
It’s more expensive to pay monthly but I like it more.

I’ve just checked, it says: Subscription.
I don’t know, it’s pretty clear to me that I am subscribed for service until I decide to cancel it. And it’s really easy to cancel.

For Facer Premium, I also checked it a minute ago, it does say:
“… will renew automatically…”

So I don’t see any get-rich scheme.


One more thing:

you can buy membership for a year (or month) and you can cancel the next day if you want to, you will get their service for the period you’ve paid for.

So you don’t have to cancel a day before renewal, you can cancel anytime you want and you will still be Premium member until the period you’ve paid for expires.

By canceling you are - in fact - canceling future billings, canceling auto-renewal.
They are very fair about it.


Or, if your bank offers such option in internet banking, use the one time debit card information generated for internet payments. Then you get charged only once and do not have to worry about canceling. Those card data become useless after first transaction. When the period is over, you will probably receive mails about your card info being invalid, and the service will cease, but you wont get charged because forgetting to unsubscribe.

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