BIG&BOLD collection new entry

The brand new big rough and tough watchface:


Very cool grunge industrial style. I like!

One tip: i would make the hours selectable 12h/24h and put in an AM/PM in AOD-mode in place where the seconds are now located.

I agree with @GAUSS, otherwise it looks great and I added to my favourites

You are absolutely right with the idea, but mine is to keep to the basic options, as long as I can, to give my best with nothing more than the starter kit the platform offers me as long as I become a partner, you know, just to prove myself I worth it :wink:

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Actually this is 12/24 format watchface but yep, I’m missing the extra features…

Oh, you can do that with a basic account, it depends on the user defined watch settings and will be changed automatically.

No need to have premium, its just coding.

Hmmm, you are right actualy there is an optiin to hide certain things with user preferences, AM/PM, shapes and forms bepending on users watch specs, etc
I should make a poll for best user preferences on some of my watchfaces, I keep on receiving requests which is interesting, but certainly was expected!

Nice Design, I like the font!