Big problem with IOS-Smartphone in Combination with Android watch

Hi @ll, @Facer_Official, @Facer-Staff

I have a big problem now and don´t know what to do.

I own a huawei 1 Classic and use an Iphone 8 Smartphone.

Normally i could sync my faces without a problem, but i found out, that in the IOS-Facer Version i couldn´t buy a single watch face. They are not even shown in the selections.

I need to be able to sync my premium watch faces for testing purposes but this isn´t possible as well. And i like to wear my own creations, which isn´t possible as well…

From the PC i can´t sync them, all i get is a “no device found”, directly from Facer Creator it isn´t possible as well.

Do you have any tips what i can do now?

Buying an extra android phone and using a second account would mean a very expensive solution for me.

Is it possible to use an android-emulator on my PC. Does it work with facer and is it able to sync and/or buy watch faces?

Any suggestions?



Hey @GAUSS I can tell you from experience that the android emulators are not the greatest. They tend to be buggy and not very reliable. they behave differently from machine to machine which is quite annoying. They tend to be stabler at older builds (like lollipop or even older).

I’ve been using AndyOS which I found to be the most stable (at least for my laptop). Yet even recently was found to secretly load a bitcoin miner in the background. I’ve since uninstalled it and cleaned up some of my Win10 registry entries.

there may be better ones but generally I’m not a fan.


This doesn´t sound very good …

But a lollipop should work? It would only be used for buying and syncing…

Or are there any other solution for these very bad issues?

I can tell you that I’ve been chasing this same issue with Facer for a while now.
I have an iPhone 7+ paired to a Huawei Classic1, TicWatch2, Apple Watch Gen1 and Gear S3.
I also have Galaxy S7 phone paired to another Gear S3, S2, LG Urbane 2nd Edition. So, I’ve worked with lots of phone/watch combinations.

The core issue is that the Facer for IOS app (phone app) does not have an account login. So, even if your Facer Creator is logged in to your account and you select “Send to Watch”, the phone app is not connected to that account and the face cannot be sent to your watch.

Coincidentally, I pinged Facer again this week to at least comment on whether or not an iOS account connection is in the works. I know that Apple does allow this type of connectivity as I’ve accomplished it with other iOS apps.

For now, iOS users are unable to purchase any Facer premium faces for either WearOS or Tizen watches paired to an iPhone.

Here’s a workaround idea that is not ideal, but might at least allow you to test the face.
Publish the face as a FREE face. Immediately sync the face to your watch, which you should be able to do from your iPhone. Then delete the published face. Once you finish testing, you can re-publish as a premium face. Just a thought.

Good luck with your efforts. I really enjoy your work prior to becoming a Premium developer and I’ll bet that your new interactive work will be awesome.

Facer is a great platform, but this is the one point of frustration.

Thanks for your hints, but this is not a really good solution at all.

The problem could be

They are tracking every single new watchface and if i publish it for free it will be shown there.

Remember: Internet doesn‘t forget…

Haha! Yeah. Great point.
You may be able to pick up an inexpensive used Android phone at a local carrier.
I got an LG phone from my carrier’s local store that had been traded in by a customer. They weren’t going to refurb it so they let me have it for $10. It works great on WiFi without adding another line to my account. Worth asking.
You can also pick up a prepaid phone for cheap as well. I’m standing in Best Buy (US east coast) and they have a Samsung J3 Luna for $39 reduced from $80. It looks exactly like my Galaxy S7, but running Android 6.0. I think that there are even cheaper ones out there. Just be sure it’s loaded with a recent Android version. They aren’t so easy to update.

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Hi, i’m suffering from the same issue: S3 Frontier with iPhone X so can’t purchase. Would you know what version a used Samsung phone would need to be at in order for the page to work so that i can purchase watch faces?

Thanks in advance!

any fix on this. STill cant sync my iphone xr and gear s3

I am not sure which thread I saw it in, someone mentioned that if you are on a wifi connection, you can temporarily turn off bluetooth to force both the iPhone and Samsung watch (or any Android watch) to sync watch faces. I tried this yesterday and with some wrangling, such as rebooting both the phone and watch, I got it to sync and upload my test face in mere seconds. You can turn BT back on after you are done.