Big resemblance

They are two watches of different designers.

They look very similar.
The only difference between them is color.

What a strange coincidence, two different creators one project.
The question is who is the creator and who is the plagiarist?
I think I saw the user @ronnieumiarso project first.
Recently a user @petr.patocka has found a scam, maybe this is another matter for him to investigate?
I invite you to discuss and attempts to discover this mysterious riddle.

Maybe they are both trying to replicate a existing watch.

Lets say, they both liked the same casio and tred to replicate it

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That happens when people use images available online. For example, this Happy Time watchface closely resembles a Happy Time clock.

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This happens when people use images available online.
You’re right @Linlay .
Hundreds of facer users do the same.
But one of them is a premium designer and the other is promoted on the Facer first website.
@joedoughty wrote that this is a replica of a casio watch.
And that’s not fine.

That is not what he wrote. This is the example he gave:

The Partners sometimes have people try to copy their designs as a way to learn, but it comes with some risk.

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I don‘t like simple plagiats…