Bikers Community logos

So howdy everyone i am new to the community and am very interested in creating and sharing designs . i’ve started making faces but i am not quite sure on how to get the design to be exactly the way i want. Still to be in the full fun race i have created a few designs.

Do let me know how do they feel…

For apple watch

For Android

Hi. Nice first timer! I like the second one most, but you should size up the fonts a little bit.

The other ones lack a little bit of informations. At the lower one you should set the round logo free. In the upper face the font should get a shadow.

Greetings, GAUSS

Welcome! Agree with @GAUSS. Those adjustments will definitely help polish the faces. Keep it up!

thank you for the feedback. Will try the suggestions.

Thank you for the reviews. Just a few questions…

How do i set the round logo free?

The 1st one is for Apple watch and i could not do much with it. Please give me details on how to improve this.

Hello, and welcome.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by the “logo free”. If you are referring to the blue icon on the lower right of the preview, that shows members that the watch face is free, it is done by Facer automatically when the face is published.

From my experience on Facer with the Apple watch, it is simply an album of images. As far as I know there is no way to adjust the positioning of elements or changing fonts, etc…

Make sure you have permission from your biker groups to reproduce their logo for a watch face. Some businesses and groups are strict about that.

Have fun! You are off to a good start!

Hi Amitesh , welcome to the forum. The second face looks interesting. I like dark colors.
A small note. The steps font and weather font are too small, and therefore they may be hard to see.

Thanks for the review. Yes in Apple all fonts are fixed. You can only change the background image. I tried to add more but could not do so.

As for the images I have already taken permission from the groups and am making it for them also.

Thank you for your review. I will increase the font for them. I am using the face and have found this to be small on the watch.

Super! It seems that you have everything under control. :sunglasses:

To your question:

To „set something free“, means you have to remove the color, with a program like Photoshop or gimp, and save it as .png with a transparent layer.

Welcome and great start! I like the second one most :slight_smile:

Ok this is my updated faces.

Am open for comments and suggestions.

I’d probably add a stroke outline to the light blue fonts so they stand out especially if they’re in front of something else.

IE: Bikers Paradise V2 - Tue Sep 25 is on top of the white star and doesn’t quite stand out as much. The option to do so is in the bottom right of the editor in the area labelled “Effect” Select Stroke and choose a thickness (2 works good for me) and change the color to something darker.

You must change the layer sequence at both watches. The watch hand are usual on top, before the information.