Bit Flow 11 - Aperature

Another flow released:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ok I see how these things work now… LOL

If you dont mind me asking… In your frame sequence formulas I see you have 11 formulas (from 0 to 10) with your squarewaves like this:

Then another 11 frames with your squarewaves like this (-1):

Is this animated pattern raveling and then unraveling backwards to come back to the first frame so it loops? It’s hard to tell.


All my animations either fit in one of three types:

  • 1 second loop
  • 2 second loop
  • specific duration (non-looping, usually 2-10 second animation clip)

Using the #Dsm# tag you can do the 1 and 2 second loops. The 2 second requires the squarewave function to essentially duplicate the 1 second loop.

For the 2 second squarewave loop. the +/- serves to split the parts into those 1 second sequences. sequence 1 (frames 0-10) happen in the first second, sequence 2 (frame 0b-10b) happen during the 2nd second.

Love it! I think it’d be even better in inverted colors, i.e like your dim mode. Faces with a lot of white tend to use more battery because they have to have pixels lit a full intensity. I tend to think that faces with a lot of pure black tend to the look the best, especially on Gear S3.

After wearing it for a while I was thinking the same thing. Its a pain to have to invert each individual frame though. I may do it when I have some more time.