Black and red simple Not showing up on phone APP

I can see the black and red simple watch on your internet site, but not the app???

The app is in the Google Play store, search for Facer

I have the app on my phone. I can see the Black and red simple watch over the website, but I do a search from my phone APP and the face is NOT there. Thanks for your quick response.

Oh I see. From the web what is the exact name of the face?

black and red simple

Ok it’s there. This is android so you can also hard-code the spaces by their ASCII value (spaces are a hex 20). So instead of searching “black and red”, search for “black20%and20%red”. You’ll see the watchface on the app 11 rows down.

You can also search by the designer “alexd”. You’ll find the watchface on the app as well.


I found it with the % thanks. Now , is there a way to get it on my computer to change the RED to Blue?? also the steps don’t match up with my galaxy gear S2.

Unfortunately no, alexd is not a Premium designer. For the premium designers, the creator is a bit different in that they can declare certain face elements as “themeable”. Once that’s done and the face is published, the consumer can set those themeable elements to a variety of colors on their own.

Still, “Black and Red Simple” is in fact a simple design with only three red elements. If you message alexd and ask him (or her) to publish a “Black and Blue Simple” version, he/she may just accommodate you. Shouldn’t take long at all.

It would also help to give alexd the blue you want in hex. So full blue: #0000FF… half blue#000080… more like cyan: #00FFFF… maybe an Aquamarine: #46e7df… Torquoise: #64e2fc. just let him know up front.