Black White combo

here is the new upload with black and white combo. Please advise your valuable comments. Hope you will like it. Enjoy.


Nice one. I like the fonts and background.

If you ask for my opinions about hidden potentials :slight_smile: , here would be some:
-check the layer order. I can only guess some are not intended like the battery above hands, hour mark above text, 3D-effect “S” (hard if it is part of background) below some “flat” marks.
-maybe the time and date could be little smaller to “fit” the edges of the S
-its just my personal preference, but I like matching hands better


Many Thanks @petruuccios . Will follow your advise and definitely improve on next development.

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It’s a really good design, and my opinions are that the Red Tickmarks could go and all the Blue Text inside the S should be Bolder or larger. Still a really good design though, you’ve definitely got talent there (whereas I have none :laughing:)

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