Blind Faith, or: How I blindly Published a Square Face!

I very optimistically published my first square face… and I don’t even have access to a square watch.
Blind Faith made me do it! :zipper_mouth_face:

I really don’t expect any issues, it seems that it should be straight forward, but can a few of you guys with an actual square watch give it a whirl? I would appreciate it! :+1:


That’s pretty neat, nicely done, unfortunately I do not possess a Square-faced watch though sorry.


I wish I could buy a square watch. All the square watches are either very old now and only available used. (An iffy situation at best.) Or not sold in America like the Oppo watch.


I have no idea how many of our users have a square watch and what the popularity of square faces is, but I though I’d give it a try anyway. So far it’s had 5 syncs, but, all from round watches!

I had similar doubts with my first premium face. So far, 16% of them are premium, and they’ve had 5.4% of total syncs. Meanwhile, stats in Creator continue to be way off from stats in Insights, and Insight stats never catch up to Creator stats.

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I try to make everything that I do at least somewhat support a square watch. But I will not do a square only watch face at all. I really doubt if there are that many square watch users compared to round watch users anyway.


I haven’t made any special square ones yet because I can’t test it.
But I also think we should remember that there are square watches.
And yes, I’ve been reminded that you can’t always do the same thing in the corners. :wink:


Yea I figured squares are going to be rare, so I only had 3 square ones lined up to work on. Just now I kind of did the opposite with one of them and published it: I turned it into a round “unsquare” face instead.

That leaves the 3rd, an elegant 1953 square European gem. Probably will unsquare that one too, but for now I’m hung up on how to give it any lume since it has none.

Meanwhile, this one has yet to be synced to a square watch, not sure why anyone has bothered to sync it to their round watch since it won’t fit.


What I’ve settled on is using the #ZISROUND# in an expression that can switch the watch face from having square elements or round elements and/or moving elements around depending on which watch shape it gets synced to. It’s a little extra work, but in the long run I have had several compliments on those kind of faces for including the minority square watches in my designs.