Blinking Eyes at Intervals

I am working on a watch face in which I have a face, and I would like to have a circle move randomly to give the effect of blinking eyes. I would like to see this happen every 15-20 seconds if possible. The radius of the circle is 32, the y position is 148. My thinking is the “eyelid” would not be visible, blink down to the y position above for about .5 seconds, then move up out of frame again. Any ideas? I am still a newb, and just getting into movements such as this.

You need to tie all this animation to 60 seconds. In doing so, use two objects. The first will move up and down, continuously, but at the end point of its movement, it will disappear. At this time the second object will appear and stay on the screen for 5 seconds.
This is my opinion, there may be simpler options, but I can see one for now.
Here are two examples of implementing this idea (Inspection enable)

You could also take the easy way out and do it like I’ve done this watch face. It’s just pictures and lines with code to make them change from open looking to closed looking.

The face is open for inspection so you can see how I’ve done it and the conditionals used for the action.