Blocked updating Samsung Pay on android watch

Hi folks, I’m brand new here as memeber and as user of Facer and desperate too. I’ve installed Facer and a nice faceplate. The installation went fine except that at the end the procdure wanted me to install Samsung Pay. Impossible to install from the store. OK, I searched and found the app in apk format. This made installing the app a breeze. Using the added faceplate I got a message that there is a update for Samsung, I believe now called Billing. Trying to do the upgrade I get the message that the program id not compatible with non Samsung phones!
How can I fix this? The message appears regurly on my watch and I can only get it away by power off/on on my Galaxy watch. I could of course forget about Facer, but I like it already that much that I am noy wanting to consider this option! Please anybody help! thanks in advance for any hint!

I’ve not had this problem so I don’t think I can help but if you post the make and model of your phone perhaps someone with the same phone will jump in with a solution.

When I first set up my Gear S3 Frontier I was using a Moto X gen 4 phone. Of course the watch had to have Samsung Pay which my Moto didn’t support. After I got everything running in the watch I turned off the permissions in the watch for Samsung Pay. I’ve never had a minutes problem out of it being there.

Turning off permissions for Samsung Pay might be something worth trying.

Yes, that’s the problem: not having a Samsung phone. I have a Lenovo P2 (android 7) to use with my Samsung Galaxy watch.
Besides this incompatibility I’ùm getting a message from the Facer watchplate (J59WatchPlasmaNoPing) thay I shouls unk-lock it ti use all (launcher?) functionality.
I then have two possibilities:

  • I can upgrra Samsung Pay, option that does not work
  • I can power off my watcj and forgetabout Facer

I do not think these matter, but ok;
Samsung Galaxy R0800
Lenovo P2 android 7
Intel NUC Windoxs 10 Pro

Thanx for looking at my question !

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