Blood Glucose Monitoring watch?

Does anyone have any experience with blood glucose watches?
More and more of them are showing on the market.

Do they work?
If someone has one, please share the experience.

They are cheap, 29-130 USD, Samsung and Apple do not have Glucose monitoring feature so I think they are rubbish.

But I’m curious…


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The last I have heard is that Samsung and Apple are both looking into it. I doubt if they will jump on the band wagon completely since it takes so long to get FDA approval in the United States. They can already monitor blood pressure and skin temperature, but the FDA is dragging their feet on approval. But that didn’t stop them from approving COVID vaccines that have ended up killing several people… Just call me skeptical of anything government does.


Yes, as I understand, both Samsung and Apple are trying to add Glucose monitoring.
That’s why I think all cheap watches with that feature are scam and it can be very dangerous if people get wrong informations.

For some reason Samsung has more trouble getting approval in USA than in EU.
Blood pressure was approved in EU and not in the USA. I don’t know if it’s been approved in USA, do you have that feature working now?

We still trust our goverment (in majority), they left all COVID decisions to health teams. I was vaccinated twice and had corona (also twice) with no problems at all. But now we are in another story…

I have no experience with smartwatches with CGM but in my opinion these watches are for sportsmen only, for many reasons -

  1. My insulin pump talks to my mobile phone which sends messages to my watch so i don’t need a special watch.
  2. The battery in my watch doesnt last long enough to be able to rely on CGM
  3. I would guess that the watch sensor would need to be held tightly to the skin- i would find that uncomfortable
  4. My pump has an algorithm which alarms when necessary and records history and trends so that medical personnel can assess treatment.
  5. Like they say if the offer is too good to be true - it is. I wouldn’t put my life in the hands of a cheap smart watch.
    I have too many more reasons to list here, but, when the technology improves for CGM and importantly for smartwatches then maybe i can change my mind!
    Below is the watchface i use when travelling…


I just use a medic alert badge on a chain around my neck. I also have another on my car keys. I’m lucky in that I’m only type 2 Diabetic and on pills instead of insulin.

If anybody is going to get one of these please bring your experience to this topic

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Bad luck for now…

“…with a China-only release for now…”

I guess they’ll test it on the less regulated market.

OPPO watches are not even sold in the USA. I would love to have one myself just because of the square screen, but it doesn’t look like it’s ever going to happen.

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I read recently somewhere that the watch (I’m fairly sure it was the Oppo watch) that it doesn’t actually measure glucose levels, rather it will talk to CGM. If this is the case then i think that is for me when it eventually arrives here.
Maybe its on Alibaba?

Hi @mrantisocialguy
I really don’t want to criticize what you think about COVID, but my personal experience is different.
I have had the 3 vaccinations required in Italy and I have had COVID twice, the last one in mid-August. Fortunately, however, without problems or consequences. The first time, two days of fever at 37° and a bad cough.
The second time just a big cold. No fever, no cough. As you can see I have to thank the vaccine. What would have happened without it? I prefer not to have known.
Take care

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Everyone reacts differently to COVID. My first time with it, I was in the hospital for two weeks. My second time it was just a cold, no fever but a lot of coughing. Everyone has to make their own decisions about health care.

I completely agree with you