Blue-steel analogue

Hi all, I’m new to these forums and new to the app, so far Iv’e made 3 watches, 1 of which is slightly different to make 4 but is also my best so far. Hopefully more to come with more improvements.
Made using Photoshop.

Any constructive criticism welcome :slight_smile:
ST3V3NDC aka Nine-Toes


A very warm welcome to the forum.

I like the layout and the shading and depth are nice.

What can look nice in the “LCD” display is to place additional text layers beneath the date and time to represent the LCD template. eg. for the time use 00:00 for 24 hr time or 10:00 for 12 hr time and reduce the opacity to say 20 or 30%.

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Hi @Nine-Toes and welcome to the forum

It is a good looking face, I agree with @mikeoday regarding the LCD

My comment is about the hands, they look very nice but I would suggest a different color to have some contrast from the background


Hi Mike and thank you. Excellent idea for the LCD :slight_smile:

Hi Ozarour, Thank you for the feedback, I will try to improve the hands my old eyes struggle to see them.
I also tried to add extra info to the LCD screen but in the end I had to keep it simple, some things are just too difficult to see on the watch lol.

Iv’e updated it with lcd text background and different Colour hands, not sure about them though so might make a new set

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Looks good!

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Much better… :+1:t3:

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