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Bpm not working at zero

Bpm not working at zero works in apps

First make sure you have granted Facer all the permissions it needs, so it can get health information from your watch. Next, I have been in contact with Facer Support about some of my watch face users having issues with heart rate and step count. They have told me to ask them to turn their watch off, wait a minute then turn it back on. If that does not fix the issue, they would like to hear directly from you. You can contact Facer Support by emailing them at: facer-support@little-labs.com They want you to include the watch brand and model number, the operating system version plus the Facer app version you have. Also include a detailed explanation of the issue you are having so they can investigate what might be going on.

Having the same problem since yesterday, November 10th. I have a Motorola 360 Gen 3 and Fossil Gen 6. Rebooted several times, heart monitor showing zero. I’ve deleted the faces and reloaded, tried several faces I’ve used previously - nothing

Also, it was writing fine the day before… And he been using for over a year. I checked my saying to humor your suggestion… Fix the app!!