Breitling for Bentley

Hi, i just want to show the newest watchface i created over the weekend.

I love Breitling and so i decided to build the beautiful Bentley-Version. It´s all free to use. I hope you enjoy.

Check out my other stuff, if you want to.

Greetings, Phantasico


I hope you own the copyright to those images and trademarks :wink:

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Hum … well i made the whole thing in photoshop, using several picture ressources and added my own created content. So it is a totally modification in my eyes … but maybe you are right with the trademark. Do you think i will get in troubles with that?

Considering the amount of “copies” on this platform. you would think they dont mind. But i’ve just had one of mine removed for copyright infringement. It was a Rolex copy that i had removed. Yes i know i agreed to there not being any copyright info when i uploaded it, so i cant complain that they removed it tbh. The face i had removed was reaching the 3000 syncs mark.
It’s almost as if theyre preventing new designers from being able to sell isnt it :wink:

Its a lovely design! - It looks the business! but you don’t own the trademarks for Breitling or Bentley. I’d remove them before wither firms lawyers decide to write you a letter LOL!

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I think facer must be in a pretty tough spot with copyright and trademarks. Copy watches sell really well but the legal liability would be keeping me awake at night

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Oh dont get me wrong, i’m not saying mine shouldnt have been removed. But when you see a premium designer selling a Breitling knock off it’s a little hard to stomach, when they remove one of yours lol

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I agree fully. Ive said it before and I’ll say it again, facer needs to consistiently apply copyright enforcement. This is a fairly blatant knock off and will attract the ire of Breitling and possibly Bentley. I think @FacerOfficial needs to take it down?

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I didnt mean this one, the OP isnt a premium designer. My original comment was said tongue in cheek tbh. But i have seen premium designers selling knock off watch faces.

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I don’t think the knock-offs are a bad thing @alantaylor90 as long as you make the design your own. Change the style slightly, different tick marks, definitely remove the actual brand name, make your own arms, move the sub-dials or the date window, add or subtract from the design. There’s really tons you can do to make a mfr’s design your own with some modifications.

Here’s some of my darn close to the real thing:

In these cases, I’ve actually taken different features from multiple manufacturers and then added features that only smartwatches can provide (outside temp, steps, etc). Do they look like the real Breitling’s and Rolex’s? I call them “hauntingly familiar”.

I agree the Breitling and Rolex name (and the wings or crowns) should not be on the faces premium or free. If someone is going thru the effort to actually create the whole face in PhotoShop with dozens of layers, then honestly how much effort could it possibly take to just spend a little extra time and change the design slightly?

However, if someone is taking a hi-res photograph of an actual high-end watch and just photoshop’ing out the hands. then adding a set of creator hands without doing anything else, I dont think that’s right at all.

See the rest of my designs at



Thanks for all the Input.

Well, i am in some sort of Dilemma.

I am aware of the fact that this watchface and few others i created could haveTrademark- and Copyright-Problems, but i want to become a premium.designer in future.

Ist not about the fact, that you can sell your watches - mine will be free. Ist more about the better features and possibilities you get.

The only way nowadays to reach the required syncs is to build watches from big manufacters. This is reality to me, because of the fact that my other Breitling-Version yesterday reached 10k yesterday - after 2 month. The others are about 200, 500, 800 after one month. The users mostly don´t seem to want unknown brands. When i reach this status i will for sure immediatly take down all problematic watchfaces and never again offer any clone. I am very fit in AutoCAD as well as in Photoshop and will design my own ones, I already designed 5 ones …

I am working with more than 25 layers in Photoshop on watchfaces, using all special effects,

My decision now is not easy.

Should i only design my own watches and probably never get premium status or should i wait and create some clones first?

I first laughed about the “hauntingly familiar” watchfaces … but maybe that´s the trick, John :wink:

So here is, what i will do: I will take down every single clone and go my own way, even if that means i am staying a normal designer. Let´s find out, if i am able to design beautiful and functional watchfaces …

(but first i have to find out how to take them down ;-))

So now you know: I heard and understood your complaints and will react in the right way.

BTW - forgive me my bad english - i am from Germany.

Greetings, Phantasico

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Done. :slight_smile:

Every clone erased.

Have a nice time, folks.

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So there you go @GAUSS. You took some quality watches down. Now go back into your artwork, make some subtle changes, and republish the watches with your own special touches.



Why is it so blur ?

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Work is in progress. :slight_smile:

And now i will have my own brand - without any trademark-problems. Already designed my new logo and the first watch layout is already done in 2d on Autocad. Next, i will build the components in 3d and the finishes will be done with Photohop.

I will not tell too much, but it will be a special crossover depending on famous existing designs, combined with my own ideas.

Let´s see what comes out…



In real it isn´t, Eric. Maybe it looks that way because of the gif-transforming. I made this watch face in a resolution of 2000x2000px.It´s sharper than an eagles eye. :wink:


Hi how do i get this watch face? can’t see it on the app

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I just took it down, because of potentual trademark problems. But if you have some time, i will publish some nice ones in the near future …

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That is what I did… I took all clones down and now only create my own designs. I stopped caring to become a premium designer. It is satisfying enough now to get here and there a “Great job” compliment.
Good luck to you… Continue facing…


Best way to be guilt-free is to send a photo and ask the brand if they mind. They might say it’s fine and request that you add a line on your description giving them credit for the original. Or they might not. At least you’ll know.

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