Bring back the draft/live separation in the creator

I went away from Beta because it did not separate draft from live in a nice split. Now this is live and my drafts are scattered all about. I don’t want to have to deal with filters to find them. The split was good.

Also, on publish/update, going to the watch face view over back to the view of all faces is just bad. It wasn’t even in the beta. When you do that people have to manually manipulate the URL to get back to the crator view, or click create, opening a new window and then close the view mode one opened on submit.

I’m all up for change for the better but this is terrible. Bring back the split draft/live view and go to the crator faces view on publish/update. I can view the face from there if needed.

While I was in beta I was not able to submit any feedback as my Facer credentials would not allow me to log in to the feedback system.


Rob. Flag this up as a Feature Request. We can vote on the Topic then. I know @mrantisocialguy has said exactly the same thing. I get confused. The little blue badge is not enough to diferenciate, as if you hover the same blue badge lights.



Well done Rob got my Vote. I am down to 2 now. I wonder how we get more.?

Also where are all our previously nice and simple stickers? Definitely not keen on all these icons that have replaced them without any warning. They certainly weren’t in beta a week or so ago.

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Oh, and the ability to enable draft faces for inspection is gone in non beta as well.
Scrap that. It seems inspection is automatically available now for anyone with the link.

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These days when you go to make a Shareable Link you get the option to Enable Inspection . Otherwise it is an option just before you hit the Publish Button . But you are not wrong it was missing when Beta7 came out .I think they rely on us very heavily to find out how their Platform works.

3 Votes I am so glad to see so many are interested. I think part of the problem is we have a limited number of votes. Another topic on the subject Perhaps.

Oh shame . I did not see the culling of the STICKERS . The new ICONS are nice enough but to lose all the old ones . The Arrows were useful . To have Three Calories Icons is what I call a FUCK UP . So 4 subjects are covered by the new Icons. They obviously got the new Kid to work on those.

I see they have FUCKED UP the weather Icons even More. So there are now 6 Duplications .
I will have a quick look at the Moon Phases I don’t hold out much Hope.

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Never got the old moon icons to work. There is no moon slider in the creator to see who it will turn out so I never bothered.

Lack of the simpler stickers is definately a loss though. Especially without warning. I have enough on my faces to screenshot, whiten, transparency and make my own versions, to maintain cnsistancy. But still… A bit rude.

The new ones are sort of OK but things like the battery are overly complex and to blurry round the edges. Where’s the heart with no beats running through it? It was a staple. Why not just tack the new ones on the end? OK, the default smiley was bad but most of the otheres were pretty useful and great in their simplicity.

Propper Beta feedback would have told them that if people could actually stay on beta rather than having to shift back and forth because the search reduces some terms (binary as a recent example) from hundreds of faces to 3 which arnen’t even binary faces. Beta should not limit your general watchface browsing options. That would be insane. But it does.

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There is no slider for the Moon but you can change the date on the time machine to alter the phase.

I was going to send an Email to Little Labs to include what you have said. But I seriously feel it would be a waste of time. I think I might be worth asking the guys on Slack how to give them a kick in the arse. Guys like you and I only have a little voice but we should try get some partners involved.

I just got a reply to an Email I sent to little Labs about the Inspection Switch from
Peter Henlein (Facer) . So I fired it back again about the Icons an Weather and asking if they could open a dedicated channel for feedback on the new IDE . Usually takes a week if you ever get a reply .