Broken Elements - P108 MCP

I’m seeing a weird bug on this face. I’ve tried deleting and re-syncing to see if it will correct itself, but it doesn’t seem to help. The two triangle indicators seem to be glitching out. Here is what it looks like on my watch. I circled where the indicators appear to be be:

Here is how it should look:

Hey there! are these shapes? or images?

Hi, according to “Inspector Mode” it’s a shape.

Out of topic, but now I see at the picture above, that the animated part looks exclusive and unique in b&w :wink:


Got it - but confirmed on our side, we’ll try and ship a fix asap!
In the meantime, I recommend replacing the triangle shape with an equivalent image. Sorry about that!

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Any updates on this shape? Seems to happen only when the shape is rotated. I am working on “P107 - Transistor” and it is doing the same thing.

I have several triangle indicators on the dim side and they all render incorrectly on the watch: