Broken on s8 + cant do anything

App opens but that is all i can click on fourm anything other will crash the app galaxy s8 plus gear s3 classic

@jason1023297g can you show a screenshot of the crash?

It wont let me click on any watch face and if i try and access anything other than this screen it force closes immediately

@jason1023297g if you scroll all the way up and select the “Start here” face on the very left, does it work?
The crashes are fixed in the newer version of the app which is rolling out today.

I do not have start here button. Im sorry i can sign in but that is all also maybe this helps im a beta tester

@jason1023297g can you uninstall and re-install and see if that helps?

I have the same issue and tried uninstalling, reinstalling both sides. Rebooting both, Etc. Cant push a watch face at all.
Samsung S8+ android 8.
Latest version of app on phone and watch