Browser: high use of CPU / RAM for ALL Facer (Explore, Creator, Community)

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Not I.

@andrew.dowden is this a new issue for you?

It has been a slight issue, for more than 10-15 days. It has been more noticeable in last week.


  • These is an easy remedy, if I refresh the page the high CPU use stops and memory use drops (over time).

  • I was doing heavy editing of several watchfaces, and swapping my effort from one to the next (to replicate changes). I was compensating for the issue, and it wasn’t an issue.

  • Then work intruded … I needed to complete various other (non Facer) activities, to look up information or answer calls. I was then also mostly working on image design (on two other apps.), and only loading to Facer (for review). Rinse, and repeat …

  • Two Facer Creator tabs would be open, plus Community, and Explore (Trending, Newest). I got so far with logging out of the watchface (under edit), and repeatedly reloading the tabs / pages. I was forced to logout (of Facer), and then close these tabs … because the overhead was too much. As much as 30-40% CPU (with 70-80% peaks), and 5-7GB RAM.

This has not been consistent. It appears to more more of an issue when creating / working on new faces. There was not similar overhead when reloading existing watchfaces (to look at syntax, colour, or positional data).

I think it was more noticeable over last weekend, when (I assume) Facer was in heavy use (in US) and therefore slower. It is made worse when large elements (image, but also text fields) are added to a new design.

I also shutdown, and rebooted, my PC (64bit Linux, 16GB RAM, Mozilla Firefox) to try and address the issue.

That’s the same type of thing I’ve had for months – still cannot load my profile (or that of any other members) with more than 20 published designs unless I constantly keep refreshing the page. Combined with doing anything in Creator makes it worse. When I was moving designs to my collections after that feature was launched, it took literally hours to keep refreshing.
I finally got used to just seeing 20 designs on everybody’s profile, so I’m not complaining, but if the issue can be fixed, that would be great.

Same problem here. For saving the faces or publish them is an eternity. Sometimes the browser just freezes before task is done. Firefox+Windows10

To clarify …

This is separate from the issue (mostly addressed) where Facer has been slow or non-responsive at times.

I am still seeing slowdowns (and slow saves), but nowhere close to the issues of June/July (fixed by update).

It does appear to relate to forced re-rendering of watchfaces for your own, other profiles, or the ‘Explore’ tables. I can’t see the need to re-render (periodically) what should just be a static image.

The watchfaces are NOT moving, so why not just display a prepared static PNG image (a hi-res ‘thumbnail’ view)?

There is also the overhead of ‘maintaining’ the (IMHO) totally unnecessary ‘News’ and ‘Community’ feeds on the left of your Creator profile page. But again, this should NOT have a large overhead.

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I don’t think the News and Community feeds are consuming that much. Could it be because of the intense graphics when we’re accessing profiles and Creator at the same time? That was always a concern of mine, and why I try to remove faces that are no longer being synched regularly.