[BUG] #BS# Watch Charging Status Tag

Hi everyone!

As we know there exists a tag that shows if the watch is charging or not: #BS#
According to Facer documentation and the editor, it should show either 0 or 1, but on my watch (sony SWR50) it gives back text: either “Charging”, or “Not Charging”.

Can someone please check this tag on his/her watch?

In Facer Creator it shows as “0” and on my phone in the Facer app it shows as “Not Charging”. But on my Gear S2 it comes back as “undefined”. There’s no consistency between the apps.

I just tested this and it displays correctly on all 3 now.


Now to test with image transparency.

Hi, i am also having a in issue with this, I have a LG Style and I am trying to make a red circle appear when charging and not be on show the rest of the time, i have tried the above coding and it seems to show the cirlce all the time, your help is aprricated in adavence

I do’t really use this tag. My Huawei watch has its own charging indicator screen that overrides the Facer screen. I have to press something each time to clear the default to go back to the Facer one.

This is a known issue… see [BUG] #BS# Conditional Not Working post-Facer 3.0
Like @eradicator09, I stopped trying to use the #BS# tag once the Huawei default charge indicator kicked in (since Facer 4.0).