[BUG] Currently Wearing Ignores Web Syncs

First of all, I love the Currently Wearing feature on everyone’s Profile pages. Thanks for this feature! :clap:

However, I noticed that if I sync a design from Chrome, my profile doesn’t update to reflect what I’m wearing. It sticks with whatever I last synced from Android. If I go to Android and sync what I’m already wearing, then my profile updates to show it correctly.

Same thing goes for changing the face from your watch directly. I’m thinking it only logs the last sync via the mobile app.

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Thanks for reporting this! We’ll fix asap!


It appears that it has not been fixed yet. I was glad to find this discussion mentioning the mobile app.

This bug is still a thing, but Currently Wearing is also currently ignoring app syncs from Facer Android. @Facer_Official

Thanks for the report! We’re very focused on bug fixing these days, so we’ll add this to our list and try and get that resolved asap!