[BUG?] Custom Hands Missing from Creator's Preview and Reviews

None of my faces with custom hands are showing the hands anymore. I thought my drafts needed editing, but even the published ones are all missing hands as of the last few hours. Is anyone else seeing this strange problem? :astonished:

Edit: OK, they show up on my Profile and Featured, but not when I go from Creator’s Editing to Publish or Update. I’m going to try publishing one without hands, ignoring its preview to see if they show up.

Yes, hands show up in my collection after publishing. Maybe it’s just a bug in Creator’s Preview?

Mine have been ok here @Linlay.


This was published (with both hands, of course) months ago.
Going to Edit>Update does this for the preview:

Do the hands come back if you change the display watch? (and then change it back to the one you want?)

No, they don’t come back if the display watch is changed and switched back. I published another today with the same problem. I’m glad that the hands appear after published.

I’ve been going through my old beginner stuff and deleting or updating those that were beginner online templates. Here’s one that was edited this week. It appears that the new reviews have no hands either.
Reviews on faces at the end of Feb. have hands so something happened to Creator in the last two weeks.