[BUG] Dim Side Font Effect Colors for Stroke/Glow

This is not so much a bug report as a weird functionality / poor usability report.

At some point Facer changed the way that it handles Dim side fonts. The addition of Dim side font colors was a plus (I don’t actually use it but the option is nice), but the way that only font color was decoupled broke all my designs that employ Stroke or Glow font effects.

Before the change, Font/Stroke/Glow color would all automatically flip to #ffffff on the Dim side. Now, while font color automatically flips (and can be set to any color), Stroke/Glow color doesn’t flip at all, and manually changing it on the Dim side messes up the Active side. In order to replicate the old behavior, the layer must be duplicated, hidden on Active, and then manually set so the Dim side Stroke/Glow color is #ffffff.

Did you guys intend to decouple font color and font effect color, automatically flip both to #ffffff on Dim, and then also allow the setting of custom Dim side colors? @Facer_Official @Gavin @Lukasz

happening to me as well, seems like the only way right now is just to duplicate like you said. Hopefully this post gets more attention.