[BUG] Facer Reddit thumbnails broken

For some reason, watch face thumbnails on Facer Reddit have been broken since at least mid-February. That is, when linking directly to a watch face on facer.io, the gif thumbnail used to work fine, but it hasn’t worked right for the last month. Retry thumb fixes it temporarily but then the thumbnail reverts to a globe, which negatively impacts voting and click through. @Facer_Official

Thx for the report, we’ll look into it!

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Hey @pacingpoet! Are you still having the issue? Our team wasn’t able to reproduce it…

@Facer_Official, unfortunately I am. I originally linked the watch face below before the Lunar New Year. The thumbnail didn’t take right away, but showed normally after I hit “retry thumb.” Weeks later the thumbnail was broken again, so I deleted the post and reposted with a comment that mentioned that the design had been featured. Same deal with hitting “retry thumb” and seeing the thumbnail working… only to find it broken again a few days later…

Got it - we’ll do some more digging.

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