[BUG] Glow Effect Not Working

I’ve created a watchface for personal use for my own Moto 360 (1st gen)

I have text with the glow effect on 50. But it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Does anyone have an idea why this is?

I’m able to get a glow effect working on text both in the web editor and my physical watch.

Can you give us some information about the watch design?

Also remember that the higher the glow number the more the diffuse of the color. Anything more than 10 might be too much.


I figured it out. It was my own ignorance at fault.

I did not realize that there were separate color configurations for the glow and the text.
Therefore the glow blended in with the background.

Sounds like we need to have the devs change the default color to Magenta : P

But good, at least it was easy to figure out.

I believe this issue has cropped up again due to recent updates.

The glow effects have gone missing from my WAKE UP watch face:

The Glow and Stroke effects work in the Creator and on the phone app, but not on my Gear S2 Classic.

This bug is also breaking my Fireflies watch face. :sob: :sob: :sob: @Facer_Official

I have been having the same problem on my Gear S3 classic where the glow effect shows up on the watch preview but not the actual watch itself
[UPDATE]: Someone with a Gear S3 synced my watch face and it worked for them and yet the glow effect still does not come up on my Gear S3. Is it possible it doesn’t work on the creators watch face? Perhaps they have the older version of the app but I wouldn’t know.

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Bump! The current state of glow effects is that they show up, but the rendering engine outputs far uglier than Creator previews. Any news? @Facer_Official

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My glow effects don’t show up on the watch :frowning: They look great in the creator or in the preview, but you can’t see them once I sync it…

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bump and agreed. what is up with how the glow renders on watches? it’s horrible and doesn’t work properly whatsoever on a Ticwatch E or Sport or my Huawei – Looks good in the Facer software, then you export and it renders out nothing like what was intended…

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