[ BUG ] Image sequencer - order of images changes

I have 2 sequences on the face I’m creating, strangely enough when I drag the top one underneath the second one in the layers list, the order of images in the second sequence is reversed! When I drag the first one back above the second one the original image order is restored? Don’t think this is how it’s supposed to be…

Jean Pierre

Can you enable inspection on the design and then share the link to the face?

Yes, it happens. Maybe not always but the order of the images chanches in middle of your work. I decided leave it until just before publish and check order of each animation in that moment… Maybe @Facer_Official has some hint about it…
In the bright side, now Facer App preview of image sequences works beautifully!! (@Facer_Official)

Just to add information to the support team:
If you have a pack of two or more image sequence, any change in the order of the pack changes the order of image in every sequence (puts all in reverse). And if you delete the images and load new ones in one sequence, that sequence shows on top of every layer no matter where the sequence really are in the pack of layers.