[BUG] Inconsistent Ambient Light Sensor Bar in Facer Creator

Has anyone else noticed that when publishing, the Ambient Light Sensor Bar doesn’t cut across the screen at the same place as it does within Facer Creator?

When necessary, I’ve designed with extra tolerance, or flipped back and forth to make minute adjustments before publishing. But this is annoying and Facer Creator should be able to get it right and show the sensor bar exactly where it actually is, down to the pixel.

It really depends on your watch model. There are several heights based on your device which is why this is used more of a guide and reminder than a precise measurement. Unfortunately, this height was never standardized by the manufacturers.

This sensor will likely be phased out, as most new models are avoiding this type of design since it’s not a great user experience.


…Worst. Reality. Possible. :unamused:

But thanks for the speedy response, @Lukasz.