[BUG] Reviews Missing in Facer Creator

FYI, @Facer_Official, all of my watch face designs are showing 0 reviews in Facer Creator.

I assume that this is a bug, since I can see the “missing” user reviews within Facer Android. :thinking:

I’ve faithfully used the Facer Creator UI to reply/respond to reviews, but I suspect Creator-generated responses are just new reviews that autotag the OP. (In that case, designers can tag manually until the Creator bug gets resolved.)

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I have the same problem.
I contacted Facer under request id 20336 if you want to reference it.

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Thanks for the report - issue identified and fix coming very shortly!

@pacingpoet @Mellin Hi guys - Sorry for the inconvenience, we have just deployed a fix for this.

It is working for me now.

The two reviews that I was missing a couple of weeks ago showed up as well. Thank you! :slight_smile: