(BUG) Sharing on Tweeter from Facer Stating faces are for APPLE WATCHS?

When you click on the share button of the face and then click on the Twitter icon. It posts your face Stating that it is for APPLE watchs ??

Is this going to be fixed?

Is it not just Apple watch is listed first ?

A lot of the stuff on Facer is a little from the last century, If you share an face it just put an default header on it, whatever face you made and shared… even if your face is not compatible it just put on the default tekst to promote Facer not to make it clear what you are sharing… If your face is not compatible for the iWatch it still will have Apple in the title…

Sharing a Face is more advertising Facer then advertising your work… but that is an choice, Facer don’t make you do it :stuck_out_tongue: