Bug Since Last Update?

Ever since the last update, Creator seems to have a problem. View works and Enable Inspection work.
Share and Delete do not work for me. “Loading” is as far as it gets. Is this happening to anyone else?

The new sample watch (Gear S3) for faces in my collection in Creator is quite masculine. Is there a way to go back to the old generic default?

Can’t delete drafts and all the published watches are shown in the gear s3 skin… Yeap…

I had been trying to delete a published face with low number of syncs so I could replace with new January designs. Funny… today that face received several Likes. :smile: Maybe those unsuccessful delete attempts triggered something!

Edit: Perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea for Facer to update right before a major holiday when Support would be off and people would be receiving watches as gifts.

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Yes, it is occurring for me as well. Unable to delete drafts. Gets stuck on “loading” when clicking the delete button. Finally gave up and took drafts down to a blank screen and named both of them “FACER refuses to delete”.