[BUG] → Stroke Effect Broken Since 4.2.0_4361 Beta

Hi, I am testing a new watch face I have created. I didn’t publish, yet. For some reason, part of the design of the face is not appearing properly on my watch. It looks like part of the face is damaged.

I created a duplicate design with a new face, then changed the background and the same error occurs. Please give me an idea how this can be fixed.

Same error for me for new and old watchface…

Going to need some more information to diagnose. What is the design (i.e. link). Also what watch are you wearing?

I believe it’s been describe in more details in this topic: [RESOLVED] Stroke Effect Broken Since 4.2.0_4361 Beta

Yes, Thank you Mellin…

thank you eradicator09

How is/was this solved?