[BUG] Time doesn't sync in Facer watch faces

Doesn’t everyone has an issue with time synchronisation when you change the time zone?
As whenever I change the time on my mobile my watch doesn’t pick up right time till I restart it.
This happens only on Facer watch faces.
When I will switch to any different watch face (not Facer one) the time is shown correctly, but when I switch back to Facer watch face, time is still shown for previous time zone.
This is persistent till I reset the watch.
Any ideas?

I just reboot the phone first, then the watch. But for me it’s Europe where I dont have a Euro data plan. I let the phone roam for a minute or two until it picks up the local time. Then I reboot the watch to sync that time, then put the phone back in airplane mode until I get back to the states.


Thanks for your reply. As I said it is exactly annoying that you need to reboot your watch to make it pick up a right time. Especially when different watchfaces (not Facer one) do it without reboot. The whole idea is to make it happen without extra fiddling with watch.