[BUG] Update Gear s3 no work always on

evening I updated my Gear s3 and it does not work any more on. The smartwatch goes off even if the function is active. This only happens with fazer watch faces. Solutions?

@bg1979 try reinstalling the Facer companion app on your Samsung. Let us know if this does not solve your issue, thank you!

unfortunately I did not solve it. On some Watch faces, the screen shuts off completely.

I have the exact same problem. gear s3 and after the gear s3 update my watch is only black when I use facer…

It’s as if the new tizen had a control on the olways screen and if it came up with too many items it turns off the screen

@bg1979 & @andersmgustafsson we’ve been getting reports that there is something wrong with the Tizen 3.0 update itself (in other apps, not just Facer), and you may need to reset the watch in order to resolve the issues. We’re going to investigate on our side (we hate to ask people to reset their watches!) but if you want to try a reset, let us know if this resolves it for you.

Same here. I have reset my Gear S3 several times. I have purchased a lot of watch faces but now i cant use it. AOD animation on gear S3 does not work.

I am seeing the same issue.
Just updatged today to Tizen

To be clear, here is what’s happening on my watch:

  • Select the Facer Watchface on the Gear S3
  • The watch face shows fine.
  • At the specified screen timeout time (15 seconds) the Face watchface changes to always on display mode. This is what i expect to see and for it to stay on the AOD mode.
  • But after about 5 seconds, the watch goes completely blank. The watch screen turns off.
  • Flicking my wrist, or pressing a button I get back to the Facer watchface no problem.

So always on, seems to only last for about 5 seconds, and after that, all is black.

This does not happen with any other standard native tizen watchface.

I’ve even checked Mr.Time watch faces, and they all work fine. when the screen timeout hits, it just goes to always on display mode and stays there, does not turn off the watch screen.

This did not happen before this update, Facer was working perfectly for me.

I am running
Version: R760XXU2CQK3

I finally got my Facer always one display working.

I did not realize i could triple tap and choose a settings for always on. the default setting, simply turns the screen off after a period of time, my guess around 5 seconds. selecting the other option, dimmer, allows the screen to stay on, and the always on mode for the watchface displays.

So if you’re having problems with the new Tizen 3.0 release and always on, tripple tap your watch and check the always on mode in Facer.

thank you so much for your help. now the problem though is that when I pick a fazer watch faces after a few minutes back to setting the original s3 watch original faser alone … and so to infinity … :sob::sob::sob:

I also had that problem.

I ended up resetting the S3 watch yesterday, and since then Facer has been working fine.

I reinstalled everything myself too. but unfortunately I did not solve it

I’m having the same issue. Brand new Gear S3 Frontier, display goes off after about 5 minutes.

Is there any fix yet?

So no fix yet?