[BUG] Wrist Selfies - Portrait Needs Auto-rotate / No Submit Button?

Is it me, or am I using this wrong? No way to submit a wrist selfie. Should it be posted as a review. Or is the only way to option to share via another app like Instagram?

I’ve also noticed that the in-app camera only really likes horizontal photos. A vertical one does not rotate automatically in app. One other complaint is that switching from vertical to horizontal (or vice-versa) makes the captured image disappear and relaunch the camera app.

I’m using a Samsung S7
Android 7.0
Samsung versions G930VVRU4BQH4

Hi @eradicator09!

Yes, the wrist selfies are intended to be shared on instagram and other social networks. The way to share a wrist selfie internally only is via the watch face review feature which is a bit lower in that screen.

Noted about the bug reports on the portrait/landscape side. Will follow up with the dev team on that front.