Bugs in facer app watch faces?

i created my first three faces last week and they seemed to work fine at the time. This week however the phone percentage does not update, its correct when first sent to the watch but from there stays the same. The steps are also way too high and are not reflecting the correct count. I have check that the latest versions of the software are applied to Gear S3 Frontier watch and the S7 Edge phone.

When issues like this are found, we need a way to save a local copy and un-publish the face so users are not downloading buggy watches, but I have not found anyway to save my data locally or unpublish.If you delete the face its gone from the facer app store but then its gone totally as you provide no way to save it.

Can you address these issues?.


@nicwilson try rebooting the phone and the watch together to resync.


It’s not your face. It’s the watch and possibly the Facer app itself. On my watch I have noticed steps, battery percentage, and weather often do not update.

I tried rebooting, disconnect and re-pair with no effect and ALL facer watches are incorrect, I tested many others that were not mine.

Other brands like Watchmaker and Samsung are correct so Facer seems buggy, if they are releasing buggy code for some watches thier testing methodology needs revisiting. Its a shame but I will need to abandon Facer.and move to another app.

I’ve actually noticed a big improvement in this issue today. Hopefully whatever the problem was is licked for good.

I do not understand? I have checked and there have been no phone updates, no watch updates, no app updates so how has it improved?


It seems to be the trend whenever there’s a software update. The data showing on the watch will appear off, then after a few days, it stabilizes.