Built it but i dont like it help please

Hi guys i built this watch face today coz i thought it was quite different but now i got to the end of the maths i really dont like it any suggestions what i can do to make it look good? other than scrapping it and moving on lol.


No it’s cool, maybe try minimizing the color scheme.

You can try making it all black and white except for the hands and numbers. So if you keep the hands blue, make the numbers blue too.

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I would also add that the jump back of the seconds arrow is kind of abrupt.
Besides that and a little tweak on the color scheme, is a great watch!

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It‘s nice. I like it just the way it is.

It’s a great idea, but I agree a little more contrast with the background would benefit the design greatly.

For example, making the gray more darker, or the blank spaces between the gear assembly darker. Something to contrast it a bit.

Similarly, the numbers feel like an afterthought. Meaning, a lot of work went into the gear/seconds/animation and it’s just basic text. I would add an outline to the numbers to help with the 3d effect since everything else has shadows and suggest depth but the numbers do not which subconsciously makes part of the design feel off.

I’d suggest outlining them in the same dark blue used for the hands. Imagine what the hands would look like without the dark blue and you can see what I’m getting at hopefully. Plus, you have the added bonus of making the theme flow throughout the design by having those elements resemble each other. So it draws the eye through the layout instead of being laser focused on just the hands.

Again, great work!