Built this to show something


Well someone told me to stop exagerating the speed of my watch gears as it didnt look real so here it one i built using actual watch speeds and timings wow it boring as you will see nothing moves very often and it looks rubbish in my opinion you may disagree with me but i was under the impression that what looks good should count as it is not a real watch it for show and use.


I have a still unfinished design, complete with correctly meshed and rotating gears …

I got the maths correct early, but got ahead myself on my ability complete the overall graphic design, shading, texturing … etc.

There is probably still a lot of work (to do), to get your “New Full Watch” to fully mesh correctly.

I do think sometimes the cogs are moving too fast, and would like them to be a little more realistic.
However, doesn`t have to be perfect